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18 - ગુજરાત રાજ્ય કેળવણી ... doc

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18 - ગુજરાત રાજ્ય કેળવણી .doc was downloaded 7 times, the last one was 2014-03-28.
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Kudarati-sampati.doc - ... smin C[.an[ jL(vw&t tr)k[ pN upyi[g) C[.tip) nd) upr bi>Fvimi> aiv[l Ukie b>F pN jL(vw&t mYk tr)k[ ai[LKiy C ... (ryi(knir[ GNi bFi b>dri[ aiv[li C[. j[m k ...

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Aruneene-gurubhakti.doc - ... bFi v[d, SiA#ii[, p&riNi[ vg[r[ a´yyn kyi< (vni j aivD) gyi> hti>. sic) vit a[ j C[ k[ j[ (vwi g&r&d[vn) s[vi krviY) an[ t[mn) kZpiY) p\i¼t Yiy C[. t[ j ...

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Eklavya.doc - • mhiBirtni> pi#ii[ (vS[ p&Atki[ vi>ci[ aiTl&> khi[air&(N, upmºy& j[vi k[Tli>k Birt)y s>AkZ(tni> pi#ii[ k[ j[ t[mn) g&r&B(kt miT[ jiN)ti> C[. t[mn)

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Std-6-ma-u-7.doc - 7 . l>br[Kiai[ {Perpendicular Lines} {1} AB an[ CD a[k b)ji n[ l>b C[ ti[ s>k[t mi> k[v) r)t[ lKiy . {1} AB CD {2} AC BD {3} AC BD {4} AB CD {2} l>b r[Kiai[ a[kb)ji n ...

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55_1_adv_no.22_23_201112.pdf - ... \nul d\0/ 4u\fwlguz vutigl hfc[zft d\0/ wjfzf tfp!)q!qz_!z gf zmh v\ut dnnglx s u ... 27 385 29108357 savita khimjibhai sarvaiya 6/1/1979 f general not ...

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General-knowledge-questions.doc - In which city of Gujarat did Sachin Tendulkar complete his 30,000 runs in International Cricket? ... Who has written biography of Mahadevbhai Desai ‘Agnikund ma ...

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