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Eklavya.doc - • mhiBirtni> pi#ii[ (vS[ p&Atki[ vi>ci[ aiTl&> khi[air&(N, upmºy& j[vi k[Tli>k Birt)y s>AkZ(tni> pi#ii[ k[ j[ t[mn) g&r&B(kt miT[ jiN)ti> C[. t[mn)

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Notlar 02.pdf - stan11Y ld zTeknik  Universitesi _ DersKitab : 2nded. J. Wooldridge 14Ekim2012 2 0 1x uIy :ba g ml de gi skenIx:a c klay c de gi skenI_Ikide gi , teka c klay c de gi simple regressionmodel I Ama c: ...

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