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Sep 2006 - e-Print archive.0609020

0609020 - arXiv:gr-qc/0609020v1 6 Sep 2006 Introduction to spectral methods Philippe Grandcl´ement Laboratoire Univers et ses Th´eories, Observatoire de Paris,

The UCR Time Series Archive - arXiv.pdf

1810.07758.pdf - University of California, Riverside, CA, USA (e-mail: Digital Object Identifier arXiv:1810.07758 of papers use some fractions of the data set unacknowledged1. While the archive is heavily used, it has invited criticisms, both in publ

polynomials - e-Print archive.pdf

0609283v2.pdf - polynomials as little q-Jacobi polynomials with q= (1 − √ 5)/(1 + √ 5). We prove that the corresponding kernel polynomials have integer coefficients, and from this we deduce that the inverse of the corresponding Hankel matrices (1/Fi+j+2) have integ

arXiv:1309.3122v1 [hep-th] 12 Sep 2013 - e-Print .pdf

1309.3122.pdf - Linde model as an example for the latter. ... Ka¨hler moduli, on the other hand, can be stabilized by non-perturbative con-tributions to the superpotential, ...

1 arXiv:1004.1001v1 [cs.DS] 7 Apr 2010 - e-Print .pdf

1004.1001v1.pdf - The Graph Traversal Pattern 3 2.1 The Indices of Relational Tables Imagine that there is a gremlin who is holding a number between 1 and 100 in

arXiv:1003.1409v1 [math.OC] 6 Mar 2010 - e-Print

1003.1409 - Firefly Algorithm, ... This corresponds to a special case of particle swarm optimization ... popular programming language such as Matlab.

DeFog: Fog Computing Benchmarks - e-Print archive.pdf

1907.10890.pdf - DeFog: Fog Computing Benchmarks SEC ’19, November 07–09, 2019, Washington, DC asset to the edge resource on the target platforms, (4) execute the benchmark application, (5) gather the values for the catalogue of

Bursty Human Dynamics - e-Print archive.pdf

1803.02580.pdf - for bursty patterns evolving at the single neuron level, but at the same time could explain collective firing patterns in a connected network of neurons. Further examples of burstiness have been observed in the context of biological evolution passing thr

Crystalline Insulators - e-Print archive.pdf

1010.1802.pdf - Topological Crystalline Insulators Liang Fu Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 The recent discovery of topological insulators has revived ...

Structured Shrinkage Priors - e-Print archive.pdf

1902.05106.pdf - structured shrinkage can be simultaneously encouraged by setting C= [I p;D], where D is a p (q p) matrix with columns that encode groups of elements of that should be penalized jointly. However, the theory that justi es the use of these structured priors

Coley R. Milson - e-Print archive.pdf

0209024.pdf - Coley ‡ R. Milson ‡ † Mathematical Institute, y cadem A of Sciences, itná 25, 115 67 Prague 1, h Czec Republic ‡ Dept. Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie U., Halifax, a v No Scotia B3H 3J5, Canada E-mail:, pravdova@math.cas.

arXiv:1107.1899v2 [math.CV] 20 Sep 2011 - e-Print

1107.1899 - 2 URBAN CEGRELL The proof make use of Theorem 3.1, In section 5, we give an alternative proof when k=1, where we use variational methods together with the following ...

On a generalization of a noid varieties - e-Print archive.pdf

1401.5702.pdf - noid algebras, i.e. bornological algebras isomorphic to quotients of the algebras of germs of analytic functions on polycylinders. It turns out that for the category of dagger a noid algebras we can show the analogous of all the main results of the catego

arXiv:1301.0951v1 [math.AP] 5 Jan 2013 - e-Print

1301.0951 - arXiv:1301.0951v1 [math.AP] 5 Jan 2013 SOLITON DYNAMICS FOR THE SCHRODINGER-NEWTON SYSTEM¨ PIETRO D’AVENIA AND MARCO SQUASSINA Abstract. We investigate the soliton ...

pulak.isi@gmail - e-Print archive.pdf

1712.03452v1.pdf - Pulak Purkait, Cheng Zhao, Christopher Zach Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge, UK Abstract Image based localization is one of the important prob-lems in computer vision due to its wide applicability in robotics, augmented reality, and

Data Smashing - e-Print archive.pdf

1401.0742v1.pdf - Data smashing: (A) determining the similarity between two data streams is key to any data mining process, but relies heavily on human-prescribed criteria. (B) Data smashing first encodes each data stream, then collides one with the inverse of the other.

arXiv:1203.0798v1 [math.GR] 5 Mar 2012 - e-Print

1203.0798 - REAL SEMISIMPLE LIE GROUPS HASSAN AZAD AND INDRANIL BISWAS ... N. Bourbaki, Lie groups and Lie algebras. Chapters 1–3, Elements of Mathematics (Berlin),

Radio Pulsar Navigation - e-Print archive.pdf

0812.2635.pdf - T. J. and Butman, S. A. describe space-craft navigation using X-ray pulsars in 1981 (Chester and Butman, 1981). Dr Wood, K. S. design the NRL-801 Unconventional Stel-lar Aspect Experiment (USA) experiment, give strategies for using information gathered by

Mohammad Reza Bonyadi - e-Print archive.pdf

1802.04855.pdf - Mohammad Reza Bonyadi Abstract—In this paper we theoretically investigate un-derlying assumptions that have been used for designing adaptive particle swarm optimization algorithms in the past years. We relate these assumptions to the movement patterns o

Abhijit Gadde.pdf

Abhijit gadde.pdf - AbhijitGadde withL. Rastelli,S. RazamatandW. Yan arXiv:0910. 2225 arXiv:1003. 4244 arXiv:1104. 3850 arXiv:1110:3740. AbhijitGaddeN 2SCFTs Gaiotto,. 2;0 AN 1 ,withpunctures. N 2. generalized.

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