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Tafseer of surah al-fatiha.pdf - CONTENTS l Introduction l Its Name l Its Revelation l Its Composition l The Virtues of Soorah al-Fatihah l The Ruling of Reciting al-Fatihah in Prayer l The Ruling of ...

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002-surah fatiha.pdf - Al-Fatihah Introduction Surah Al-Fatihah is one of the very earliest revelations. Infact, we learn from authentic traditions that it was the first complete surah ...

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Tafsir-surah-al-fatihah3.pdf - Tafsir Surah al-Fatihah - Different Names for Surah al-Fatihah Some of the different names for Surah al-Fatihah are as follows: 1. al-Salaah (The Connection)

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561-terjemah-durus-muhimmah - 3 Pelajaran Pertama Surah Al-Fatihah Yaitu: mempelajari surah Al-Fatihah dan sedapat mungkin dari surah-surah pendek, dari surah Az-Zalzalah sampai surah An-


Ibn khathir - tafsir surah fatihah -1351802904.pdf - 1 ¼ı¸êò. 08ýÑ SURAH AL-FATIHAH. , Ĉӄ 0̿F NK̫L W̩L 0DNNDK é 1JKƭD ӫD O - DWLKDK 9j 1KLӅX 7rQ ӑL. KiF 1KDX ӫD O - Fatihah: Surah1 Qj ÿѭӧF.

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Bil309.pdf - HUKUM MEMBACA DOA SELEPAS SURAH AL-FATIHAH ... Allah Subhanahu wa Ta‘ala. ... di antara bacaan ayat terakhir surah al-Fatihah dan

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